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“Meat” the Farm

Anthony Ferguson

Anthony Ferguson

Processing Manager / Founder / "Comedian"

  • Started on the farm: May 2003
  • Hobbies: Shooting, gaming, joking, parenting, and working on the farm.
  • Favorite Farm Product: Our 100% grassfed ground beef. 
  • Favorite Farm Animal: The ones he’s currently processing
  • Best Quality: He has no shame.
  • A cool fact about Anthony: He still has all his fingers
  • Superlative: Most likely to get the farm in trouble for having an opinion.
Del Ferguson

Del Ferguson

Farm Patriarch / CEO / Picking up after his grand-kids who leave trash all over the yard and porch

  • Start Date on the Farm: May 2003. Del was one of the farm’s founders
  • His hobbies include; Traveling from town to town and selling our wares.
  • Favorite Farm Product: Bacon and Cheddar burgers. 
  • Favorite Farm Animal: “Timber Rattler, or that one white hen.”
  • His Best quality: His patience or his big bushy beard.
  • A cool fact about him: He’s nicer than he looks. / Tom Hanks ran by him in Savannah while filming Forrest Gump.
  • Superlative: Most likely to rename everyone on the farm.
Hunter Ferguson

Hunter Ferguson

Farm Hand/Farm Foot

  • Start Date on the Farm: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Classified
  • Favorite Product from the farm: Probably some kind of meat.
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Any of the pigs probably
  • Best Quality: We’re still trying to figure that out.
  • Cool Fact about Hunter: The farm is named after him.
  • Superlative: Most likely to try and ride a cow.
Kenneth "Bacon"

Kenneth "Bacon"

Processing / "Bacon"

“I want to be bacon on the website”
Debra Ferguson

Debra Ferguson

Farm Matriarch / CFO / Accountant

  • Started on the farm: The day the farm started.
  • Hobbies: Cooking amazing food, cutting grand kids hair and keeping everyone in line.
  • Favorite Farm Product: Our Thick cut pork chops
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Kevin The Peacock
  • Best Quality: 
  • A cool fact about Debra: she’s still mostly sane. Mostly.
  • Superlative: Most likely everyone’s favorite person on the farm.
Mik Ballard

Mik Ballard

IT Department / Mischief Manager

  • Started on the farm: October 2222
  • Hobbies: Writing, gaming, reading, cooking, slaying dragons, writing, more writing, did we mention writing?
  • Favorite Farm Product: Sea Salt and Peppercorn Bacon
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Snow the Dog
  • Best Quality: Basic knowledge of Computer technology. Good with kids.
  • Cool Fact about Mik: He is writing a fantasy survival book series in his spare time.
  • Superlative: Most likely to base characters in his book off of farm workers or customers.
Erin Slaten

Erin Slaten

Kristan's Right Hand / Horse Trainer

  • Start Date on the Farm: Theoretically January 2017, but the world ended in 2012 so we’re not sure.
  • Hobbies: Wrangling Farm kids, working with horses, boating, and beating her head against a wall.
  • Favorite Farm Product: Philly meat. 
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Daisy the potbellied pig.
  • Best Quality: Levelheadedness in all situations. (Great in a crisis).
  • Cool Fact about Erin: We’re pretty sure she’s a horse whisperer.
  • Superlative: Most likely to not fall off her horse. (That didn’t stop her from falling off though).


Delivery Man / Friendly person

Start Date on the Farm: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Hobbies: Delivering orders. We’d ask him about others but he’s never here.

Favorite Product from the farm: Filet Minong

Favorite Farm Animal: Anthony Ferguson

Best Quality: Wonderfully friendly demeanor and driving skills

Cool Fact about Chuck: REDACTED.

Superlative: Most likely to make deliveries obviously.




Kristan Fretwell

Kristan Fretwell

General Manager / Founder / HR

  • Started on the farm: X- 32* sq rt(86)
  • Hobbies:v Trying to keep MooMa sane, losing keys, driving Sherri crazy, leading the resistance against Kevin.
  • Favorite Farm Product: Probably our award-winning Hot GA night sausages. 
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Kevin the Peacock (Suspected to be secretly working together).
  • Best Quality: Her empathetic nature
  • A cool fact about Kristan: She can juggle 5 children at once with her eyes closed (she hardly ever drops them).
  • Superlative: Most likely to make up a completely original word to explain something.
John Bohannon

John Bohannon

National Sales Director / Number One Salesman

  • Started on the Farm:  March 1712
  • Hobbies: Dancing to Billy Joel, walking through mud, wrangling chickens, eating Chinese buffet, and competitive office chair spinning.
  • Favorite Farm Product: It hasn’t been invented yet.
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Anthony Ferguson.
  • Best Quality: “I talk good”
  • Cool Fact about John: There is a window in front of his desk.
  • Superlative: most likely to miss his turn causing his GPS to scream at him.


Farmstore Supervisor / Cook

  • Started on the farm: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Classified
  • Favorite Farm Product: All of them
  • Favorite Farm Animal: Kevin the Peacock
  • Best Quality: She’s a phenomenal cook.
  • A cool fact about Sherri: She started out on the farm in the processing room.
  • Superlative: Most likely to feed Kevin pizza for dinner.



Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown

Wholesale Representative

Start Date on the Farm:
We’re pretty sure it was after ‘The Snap’

Photography, kid wrangling.

Favorite Product from the farm:
Philly Steak 

Favorite Farm Animal:
Daisy the Pig.

Best Quality:
She is a phenominal problem solver

Cool Fact about Danielle:
She collects camera equipment.

Most likely to get the nerdy references on this page.