Who We Are

Hunter Cattle Co. is a sustainable family farm located just outside of Savannah GA.

We are dedicated to animal welfare and creating the highest quality and most responsibly raised products on the market that offer better flavor and better nutrition.

What We Do

  • We along with our partner farms Raise 100% start to finish Grassfed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork.
  • We never use antibiotics, hormones or steroids, never confining and practice a grazing rotation that creates products that not only provide great nutrition but also, incredible Flavor!


We utilize our natural environment and animals in order to protect and raise food in a way that does not negatively alter our land, neighbors, or bodies. We never have to use chemicals or confinement to protect our animals or grow our grasses because:

  • Donkeys protect our herds from predators allowing them to always be on pasture.
  • Martin Gourds, Bats, dragon flies, and Guineas help control pests.
  • Honey Bees help pollenate our grasses.
  • Chickens help spread manure as well as eat insect larvae.

Our Story

Let me introduce you to our Hunter Cattle family. In 2004, my Mom, (Debra), my Dad (Del), my older brother (Anthony), and me (Kristan, the oldest daughter), fell in love with a piece of property outside of Stilson, GA. It’s so small we don’t even have a post office, so our address is in Brooklet. We wanted a place to build our families, become as sustainable as possible, and raise/grow our own food. We were becoming more and more aware of the industrialized food issues and wanted an alternative. The overuse of antibiotics in animals, their terrible living conditions, and the abuse to the environment that leads to abuse of our own bodies when consuming these products all become very real when you begin having children and raising grandchildren. To date we have 10 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.  We are leaving them with a healthier legacy for their future.

To raise grassfed cows, you have to have a ton of fenced-off pastures for “rotational grazing.” So we started building fences and planting grass. We began raising our first herd of cattle and, boy, did we learn a lot REAL quick! The heifers had been bred to a high birthrate bull, so their babies were too big for these first-time mamas. We ended up having to pull almost every calf! During our first one, we had no clue what to do. We ended up reading from a type of “Cows for Dummies” book what to do step by step. It was CRAZY and awesome to say the least! And I would like to add that we constantly say that, if it weren’t for good books, good neighbors, and the good Lord, we would not be where we are today. We are thankful to all those who have helped us with this venture!

Because our friends and customers love coming out to the farm so much, we are hosting agrotourism events, parties, and started renting out barn lofts for farm stays. In an effort to teach the next generation about agriculture and food, we also offer curriculum based educational tours for schools, scout troops, churches and any group that wants to experience the farm life.

We are amazed at how we have grown and are so thankful to be able to do something we love so much and are so passionate about. And we are very thankful for our customers and supporters of our endeavor, and couldn’t be prouder of what we do every day.