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Hunter Cattle Dry Aged Beef is made from 100% Grassfed Beef raised on our family farm. We dry-age select beef cuts in just the right environment for just the right amount of time to provide you with our “Bold but Tender” Dry Aged Beef.

If you’re looking to buy it for yourself, visit the link to our store below. If you’d like to bring our family farm to your retail store, we have wholesaling options as well.


Our award-winning beef and pork products have continued to attract new customers for our retail partners. Over the past several years we have built a brand recognized for its unique quality and amazing flavor.

In our sustainable model, raising cows 100% on grass provides beef that is rich with Omega 3 fats, CLA, beta-carotene, and many other vitamins and nutrients.


Hunter Cattle’s dry aged beef is made from 100% grassfed beef, hand-rubbed with spices, and air-dried to peak tenderness. Each package contains 2 oz. of Dry-Aged Beef and comes in resealable, shelf stable bags with printed branding and graphics. They are shipped in a printed display box and also have holes at the top for hanging on a hook.

MooMa's Original

From raising farmers to curating our local farm store, Mooma is an inspiration to us all. The amazing flavor and tenderness of 100% grassfed “MooMa’s Original” will inspire you as well.

Pa's Peppercorn

Fresh cracked peppercorns highlight this incredible 100% grassfed dry aged beef. Just like Pa its dry aged, peppy, and just a little spicey.

Tin Roof Teriyaki

Inspired by the sweet and tangy flavors of teriyaki, we added our own Hunter Cattle twist to this crowd favorite. It’s no ordinary teriyaki flavor, it’s 100% grassfed Tin Roof Teriyaki.

Farmhouse Garlic

In the farm house kitchen its not uncommon to smell fresh garlic roasting on the stove. It’s how we know something special is coming. Bring home that something special to your family with our delicious 100% grassfed Farm House Garlic!

Bonfire Jalapeño

There’s nothing like a bonfire on a cool night during winter to get loved ones together around the farm. No matter the season, let the bold flavor of our 100% grassfed Bonfire Jalapeño warm your taste buds.